Eagles Schedule
Week1: Sept 09, 1pm @Browns
Week2: Sept 16, 1pm Ravens
Week3: Sept 23, 4pm @Cardinals
Week4: Sept 30, 8pm Giants
Week5: Oct 07, 1pm @Steelers
Week6: Oct 14, 1pm Lions
Week7: BYE
Week8: Oct 28, 1pm Falcons
Week9: Nov 05, 8pm @Saints
Week10: Nov 11, 4pm Cowboys
Week11: Nov 18, 1pm @Redskins
Week12: Nov 26, 8pm Panthers
Week13: Dec 02, 8pm @Cowboys
Week14: Dec 09, 1pm @Buccaneers
Week15: Dec 13, 8pm Bengals
Week16: Dec 23, 1pm RedSkins
Week17: Dec 30, 1pm @Giants

BTBThe Eagles will face FOUR teams this season that are coming off their BYE week:

The Steelers have their BYE on Week 4. They face the Eagles Week 5.
The Lions have their BYE on Week 5. They face the Eagles Week 6.
The Falcons have their BYE on Week 7. They face the Eagles Week 8.
The Redskins have their BYE on Week 10. They face the Eagles Week 11.

And if all of that wasn’t bad enough, the Giants have a Thursday night game Week 3, and then face the Eagles Week 4, which will give the Giants 3 extra days of rest/preparation. Then, later in the season, the Eagles face the Cowboys the week after Thanksgiving. As we all know, the Cowboys play on Thanksgiving every year, which gives them 3 extra days of rest for their next opponent. But guess what? The Eagles happen to play on MONDAY during Thanksgiving week, which gives the Cowboys FOUR extra days of rest/prep.

Nice work, NFL. I see what you’re doing here. The Good Guys finally have a little bit of time to work together and build that all-important team chemistry, and here you come along to give the rest of the league a fighting chance. Can’t have Michael Vick and company running ruckshot over everyone else — it wouldn’t be fair. So what do you do? Give 6 of the opponents the humungusbig advantage of extra preparation time.

Whatever. Can’t even sweat that at this point. The focus must be on the draft. The Recliner GM did a great piece yesterday about “The very simple reason the Eagles can’t reach the next level“. Any guesses as to what that is?

“The Eagles are completely incapable of drafting, and developing, young defensive players.”

The blog goes through in much detail to make the case that the Eagles have completely failed at drafting quality defensive players. Which brings me to another interesting thing I wanted to share: Mel Kiper’s Big Board in May 2011.

Who are some of these guys? The thing is, nobody knows what the fuck they’re talking about and who will be a quality NFL player. It’s all a crapshoot. Some teams are obviously better at assessing talent than others, but no team has the ability to look at a college player and guarantee their success. It can’t be done. Which is why I laugh when teams like the Redskins trade 3 first round picks for a single guy. Because mathematically/scientifically they’re fucking themselves into even more years of mediocrity. And how hilarious is that?

Let’s just hope Andy and Howie can get lucky on D this year.

PS – Infuriating side note: Jerome McDougle was drafted one spot ahead of Troy Polamalu.