Philly.comAndy Reid announced Monday that an MRI revealed a hariline fracture in the second metacarpal in quarterback Nick Foles’ throwing hand, suffered just before halftime of Sunday’s loss to the Redskins. The second part of the stunner: Instead of going with Trent Edwards, who has been backing up Foles lately, Reid plans to start Michael Vick in what is very likely to be the final Eagles game for both Reid and Vick. “That’s the direction we’re going in, as we speak,” Reid said. Reid said Vick, cleared after suffering a concussion Nov. 11, is excited, something Vick spokesman Chris Shigas confirmed to your Eagletarian. Shigas said Vick cherishes the opportunity to “leave it on the field,” and obviously, getting a shot at showing potential 2013 employers he is healthy and sharp can’t hurt, either. Reid didn’t really offer a clear rationale for the turnabout from hacving Vick as the inactive, healthy third quarterback against the Redskins to making him the starter again the next day. Observers had hypothesized that if something should happen to Foles, the Eagles didn’t need a quarterback they are likely to discard coming in and muddying the waters with an electrifying performance, and that Vick wasn’t looking to take any more brutal hits in a season that has been full of them. But if any of that were true, Edwards would be starting against the Giants, who still can make the playoffs if theyb beat the Eagles and several other dominoes fall. “He’s had a couple of weeks of practice here,” Reid said of Vick. “I thought the first week, he was a little bit rusty out there, I thought this past week, he threw it around well, he feels good … He obviously deserves an opportunity to play.”

This team couldn’t get any weirder. Wait I forgot — the Jets. This team almost couldn’t get any weirder.

Why not go with Trent Edwards? Because fuck Trent Edwards, that’s why. There’s no way Andy Reid would struggle through having to watch Trent Edwards fail against the Giants in his last game on the Eagles sidelines. No Way. So you’ve gotta respect the fat man’s resolve right in the face of HOLY SHIT THAT’S AWKWARD to throw Vick in there so they can both have their last games together. It’s almost poetic.

Fuck a draft position, I hope they kill the Giants on Sunday.