Is it weird to have gone through every one of them and counted? Sure. But that kind of dedication to your craft is what separates the Kobe Bryants from the Vince Carters. Some people spend their lives designing buildings. Others in hospitals saving lives. Me? I notice that the Eagles backup quarterback has way too many exclamation points in his tweets and meticulously* count every one of them shits to crack jokes about on the internet.

I guess what I’m saying is: we’re all professionals one way or another.

What else do we know about Nick besides his propensity to use 1.08 exclamation points per tweet?

1 – He’s an Xbox guy.

2 – He’s not aware you can make fake oil paintings in Photoshop.

3 – He LOVES the Bible.

Real-life Tebow without the virginity, distractions, and slo-mo arm? Exclaim all you want, Nick.

*not really. probably a few off.