Nicki: “You think I’m playin’, get your big ass on up and go. Bitch you can go… Bitch you can go… Bitch you can go! Say one more thing to me!
Nicki: “And if you’ve got a fucking problem, handle it. I told them I’m not fucking putting up with your fucking highness over there.”
Mariah: “Oh Why, why, why do I have a three year old sitting around me?”
Nicki: “I’m not sitting here for 20 million having her look down here, reprimanding everyday. No.”
Mariah: “I can’t see my kids because you decided to act like a little crazy bitch and go all around the stage.”
Nicki: “Go see them now, go. You’re boring as hell.”

Might be the first girl fight where I hope neither of them gets clothes ripped off. Maybe a couple decades ago with Mariah but after my eyes were nearly burned out of my face by the size and power of her gargantuan camel toe that desire is long gone. And Nicki FakeAss can’t shake off that dumbass hood rat shit to save her life. And…you know what fuck it. I’m not fooling anybody. I still wouldn’t mind seeing a few flailing mammories if these two plastic millionaire music sluts scrapped. Give them a tub of Vasoline and some room and I guarantee I’ll tune in for that episode.

Keith Urban probably wanted a drink bad as hell right then, huh? No doubt he’d love to throw back a few shots of Jameson and a Fosters can and mug each of those clucking chickens in the face.