cbs - Nnamdi Asomugha used to eat lunch in his car during Eagles practices, 94WIP’s Hollis Thomas reported on Tuesday. Instead of eating with his teammates, Asomugha used to eat lunch, by himself, in his car at the Novacare complex to get some “me time” during the 2012 season sources told Thomas. Thomas is a host on 94WIP, and played for the Eagles from 1996-2005. Asomugha was signed to a $60 million contract before the 2011 season, and is due to make $15 million for the 2013 season. A report last week suggested that the Eagles will release Asomugha if he doesn’t agree to restructure his contract.

Not going to take the easy way out. The easy way out would be to bash Nnamdi Asomugha for perfectly fitting his ‘isolated intellectual loner’ stereotype, and use this behavior as an example as to why he never gelled with his teammates and why he looked lost for three quarters of the season. But I’m not gonna walk that path, mostly because ain’t shit wrong with the solo car lunch.

I’ve worked some shitty full-time jobs in the past, and if you don’t know how that feels I assume with graduation coming up in a few months there are plenty of you out there will (if you can even land a shitty job). Sometimes a man needs to get the hell away from everybody else and eat a Chipotle burrito bowl in his car and listen to throwback rap songs on the radio just to keep him from coming back and murdering everybody in his workplace. It’s a responsible move, really.

Even if you have a bunch of friends at your job, staring at them for the one hour you get away from work is only going to remind of of work. And what do you suppose you guys are going to talk about the whole time? Fucking work. It’s grating and real people who aren’t braindead gotta get away from it all some days.

So yeah I been there, Nnamdi. No judgement from maurice. You work a high-paying, high-stress job with intense public scrutiny and co-workers you don’t have shit in common with. You were still a terrible investment who couldn’t cover a bed with a blanket, but do what the hell you want with your free hour, bro. That’s Nnamdi time.