I blame the Founding Fathers. All their fault. Here over 200 years later we still got dudes debating the meaning and intent of “bear arms”, yet nobody has any problem with the billions of dollars spent on spy planes and cameras that can see a where a bird shit lands from space. All the Founding Fathers had to do was add the word “privacy” into one of the original documents. “Life, Liberty, PRIVACY, and the Pursuit of Happiness” would have changed all of this spy-plane hidden camera, CCTV bullshit forever. Dummies.

THIS is why all of the liberals in congress don’t think it’s a big deal if we take assault and handguns away from everyday America, because they know all the guns in the world aren’t going to stop the U.S. military from killing all of us or poisoning our water until we’re all obese fast food consumers who only leave the house to work and cheer at television screens. Sure, in the back of our minds we all think that if the shit went down a few hundred thousand rednecks with AK’s could run up to Washington and turn all this shit around…but that ain’t the truth. Not with super gigapixel spy planes and ray guns and shit. The guns stopped mattering a long time ago.