DMStunning footage shows daredevil free-diver Guillaume Néry plummeting to the depths of the world’s deepest swimming pool. The astonishing video sees the 29-year-old plunging, without any breathing equipment whatsoever, a staggering 33metres to the bottom of the NEMO 33. The venue, in central Brussels, Belgium, contains 2.5million litres of non-chlorinated spring water and is usually reserved for scuba drivers to train in.

I believe its been mentioned here once or twice before, but for my money nothing is scarier than really deep, dark water. This is pretty much the last thing in the world I would be okay with doing. If I were presented with a gun-to-head choice between blowing some dude or diving into that dark tunnel, I’d be one dick-sucking non-drowning sonofabitch.

Once the water got dark there’s zero chance I’d avoid freaking out and drowning in a cloud of my own piss water. Everyone seems impressed by the breath-holding part, but holding your breath is easy. I do that shit all the time. Pres can even do it. But you know what I can’t do? Dive down by myself into some underwater tunnels that look like they were designed by a Bond villain. Never in life.