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Yo Maurice

WIP tweeted there will be no Kobyashi at Wing Bowl this year. I go each year. So rather than work I went searching for answers and I found this movie trailer. Some new film apparently. Makes the A Rod mirror pic look like well like just another pic. My new search history aside I say fuck it, this paves the way for my man El Wingador! By the way, is he out of the coke jail yet? If so he’ll be ready for some wings.


We all kinda knew that Koba wasn’t the straightest guy in the world. We knew that, right? So his gay boy servant grapes routine isn’t that shocking. What’s shocking is how quickly this video escalates from classy gay porn into beastly carnal food chaos. We know that you’re Japanese Takeru, but you didn’t have to go full-on weird Japan on us. There really must not be many options left since Joey Chesnut figuratively stole his cocktail fruit. It was either classy gay food porn or holding a “Will Eat 4 Food” sign on the Tokyo streets.

Oh and LW, wasn’t Wingador out a while ago? Not that it matters, Wing Bowl kinda died when they wouldn’t let EatDatPussy445 join this year because they were going with their Philly vs. America format. Shame. The Beast from Bakersfield would’ve killed.