DailyMailHe is an American icon who will be the first non-U.S. president to be honoured on the National Mall when his memorial is dedicated on Sunday. But the huge granite tribute to Martin Luther King Jr is raising eyebrows after it was revealed that it was made in China. The giant 30ft statue is the work of Lei Yixin, a 57-year-old master sculptor from Changsha in Hunan province. More than 150 blocks of granite were shipped from Xiamen and resassembled by 100 workmen, including ten Chinese stone masons. Critics have asked why a black or American artist was not asked to carry out the important project. But, Ed Dwight, a sculptor from Denver, said Dr King would be ‘turning over in his grave’ if he knew his memorial had been made by someone living under a Communist regime. ‘He would rise up from his grave and walk into their offices and go, “How dare you?”‘ he told the Daily Telegraph. The statue been 25 years in the making and is set to be unveiled close to the site where his most famous words inspired generations of Americans.

First of all it’s kind of a creepy statue to begin with. Martin Luther the King standing there with his arms crossed staring disapprovingly at the rest of America. Pretty sure they could have chosen a better pose for one of America’s great patriots.

Until you consider who “they” are. Am I the only one who thinks MLK looks like Mao here? I read somewhere else that people are claiming that he looks Chinese, to which I gotta say I totally agree. Don’t see it? Look:

See what I mean? Total disrespect to one of America’s greatest. Can’t believe the black president let this happen. China wins again. Maybe if we ask for a refund on that giant green French bitch we can get China to hook us up with a better, less Asian Martin Luther the King.