YahooVotes making Colorado and Washington the first U.S. states to legalize marijuana for recreational use could be short-lived victories for pot backers because the federal government will fight them, two former U.S. drug control officials said on Wednesday. They said the federal government could sue to block parts of the measures or send threatening letters to marijuana shops, followed up by street-level clampdowns similar to those targeting medical marijuana dispensaries the government suspects are fronts for drug traffickers. “This is a symbolic victory for (legalization) advocates, but it will be short-lived,” Kevin Sabet, a former adviser to the Obama administration’s drug czar, told reporters. “They are facing an uphill battle with implementing this, in the face of … presidential opposition and in the face of federal enforcement opposition,” Sabet said.

And that’s the sound of Colorado and Washington state stoner liberals getting hit in the face with political reality. Obama seems cool, sure, but never forget he’s still a politician who will say whatever for votes then do whatever he wants after. Barry’s not cool with weed sales in America, and just like he did in his last term by getting the Feds to shut down dispensaries and block legalization, he’ll do whatever it takes to keep people from being able to buy Kush over the counter.

It is important to note though, that while the Federal Government has the power to bring in officials to stop the sale and production of marijuana, they cannot enforce any laws on an individual basis:

Ian Millhiser, senior constitutional policy analyst with the left-leaning Center for American Progress, said the federal government, even if it sues to challenge the Colorado and Washington initiatives, cannot force police in those states to arrest people for marijuana infractions.

So at least you won’t get maced by the FBI for buying it legally, but you can bet the owner of any CO or WA weed store will have Obama’s goons in his ass so fast he’ll swear he voted for free prostate exams.

Sorry hipsters, Barry Obams is only cool with weed if it’s the 70′s and it’s him smoking it. But hey, at least cigarettes are legal!