I’ve been saying it for years that this country needs a change. No, I’m not talking about changing our sham of an collegiate sports system that lines the pockets of billionaires with dollars earned on the sweat and efforts of the unpaid — no. I’m talking about REAL education reform: letting students pick exactly what they want to study.

It’s almost unAmerican that Cardale Jones has to go to a bunch of bullshit 101 courses in a college that he is we are paying for. Why CAN’T Cardale Jones just take football classes all day? Reading Defenses 101, Offensive Line Strategy and Theory, Advanced DUI Stop Negotiation, etc. Doesn’t make sense to restrict the minds of this nation’s youth as we have.

And why start at college? Children from the time of elementary school should have a more active say in what they learn in US schools. Sure, if this were applied throughout our lives most of us would have a Masters in Beer Pong after spending most of our childhood studying Pizza/Karate Turtle Dynamics, Video Game Thumb Exhaustion, and Masturbatology, but who’s to say we all wouldn’t be better people for it?

I’m on your side, Cardale. Playing school is for suckers.