ArbroathAn 88-year-old woman admitted to the Santa Casa de Barra Mansa hospital in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, died after an employee injected soup into her vein. The hospital board acknowledged the error, but does not believe that this caused the death. The funeral took place on Tuesday in the chapel of the municipal cemetery. “We are all angry and we want justice to be done and that does not happen to anyone else,” said a relative. Ilda Vitor Maciel was hospitalised on Sept. 27.She had had a stroke that paralyzed half his body. Her children say she had shown signs of improvement. “I talked to her on Sunday, she understood what I was talking to her. I took my hand in her hand and she squeezed with a force,” said her grandson Mauro Maciel. “She was injected into the vein. After being injected she began to convulse and put her tongue out. I was frightened and I went and called the nurse,” said her daughter. She was treated, but died 12 hours later. A doctor said the probable cause of death was a pulmonary embolism, when the veins are obstructed the lungs. An official acknowledged the error, but does not believe it is related to the seizure or to the patient’s death. They await the outcome of a report, which should be ready in 30 days.

Don’t believe this lady died because of the soup in her blood for a second. Soup doping is nothing new and has been a staple in the overweight athlete community for decades. Sure, there have been measures taken by leagues to try to quell the spread of illegal souping, but so far those administering the tests have fallen far behind those working to cheat it. People don’t just drop dead from a little tomato or lobster bisque running to and from their hearts. Donovan McNabb has been souping since 2001 — you don’t see him having a seizure from pulmonary embolism.

Ilda Vitor Maciel’s family better come clean or work on an insurance scam story if they plan on getting any money out of that place.

PS – The hell kinda shirt is my man wearing in this photo?