deadspinLawrence Taylor’s son went ahead and auctioned off his father’s 1991 Super Bowl ring last night and when all the numbers were tallied, it went for a cool $230,401.20. Further details of the transaction, including who made the winning bid, were not released. But we do know that it was not Osi. As Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News put it, he fell just 445,552 followers short of making good on his promise to return the ring to LT. But why not just buy the ring anyway, Osi? “Honestly, because i dont know him. If im going to spend that kind of money, it will be because people love him and show it.”

Poor Osi. The Giants’ Trent Cole-turned-Juqua Parker contract-seeking defensive end is having one hell of a month, huh? First the guy tries to push his contract situation into the spotlight by hitting LeSean McCoy with a Twitter joke so weak that it technically wasn’t even a joke. Then he had to apologize to women’s rights groups after they got all el pres on him about the tweet. Then his spotlight trick completely backfires as LeSean McCoy, not himself, is the one to get himself a new contract ($21 million guaranteed). Now he can’t even get enough online support to get broke-ass, underage prostitute-banging LT back his Super Bowl ring? Poor Osi.

But hopefully his own rings keep him nice and content when the defense he helped get there loses all respect for his declining skill set, refuses to restructure, and trades him to the Chiefs because Jason Pierre-Paul likes the lighting at his locker spot better.