Maybe it’s just the Easter spirit still flowing through my body but I damn near teared up watching this clip. Can’t remember a more emotional bus fight video with such clear “hero” and “villain” roles. Leather Jacket Bad Guy is loud and menacing and screaming obscenities at an old couple when the old man finally has enough, goes into YOLO mode, and tackles the problem head-on. Our Villian takes one lazy swing at the old man then every dude on the bus jumps up to kick his ass. I swear I’m getting misty just writing about it. What a great thing to happen to such a horrible human being. Nobody ever deserved to get his comeuppance like this motherfucker deserved to get his comeuppance.

THIS is what America is about. Standing up for what’s right even when all you wanna do is ride the shitty bus home and not make eye contact with anybody.