Mercury NewsOn Monday, the Warriors will unveil their yellow, alternate uniforms. They will be the first team in the modern NBA era to play in something other than a tank top. The Warriors will debut the new unis for their Feb. 22 home game against the San Antonio Spurs, which is being aired on ESPN. They will also wear them March 8 vs. Houston and March 15 vs. Chicago.

Am I missing something? How is this not now the hottest jersey in the NBA? All over Twitter and my email people are complaining about these jerseys saying they’re worse than the NCAA basketball chick wearing a helmet and an abomination to basketball. The Charlotte Bobcats are an abomination to basketball. These Golden State jersey are a welcome evolution and innovation.

It’s not like they’re just Hanes beefy T’s with players’ names slapped on the back; there’s forward-thinking technology all over this thing. You can tell because of the holes. Holes in jerseys = new future technology. That’s how athletic apparel works.

Besides, it’s not even like it’s the first time the NBA has changed sleeves. ย Remember those old early-2000′s shiny and disgusting Sixers jerseys with the thick girls’ basketball sleeves?

Yeah, those. Those were 400x worse than this. Blue and black with gold and silver accents and enough shoulder room to hide your sports bra? No way these Warriors jerseys aren’t infinitely better.

But I’ll let you decide. Which is worse — the old Sixers jerseys or these new Warriors long-sleeve?
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