DailyEmeraldFormer Duck Brandon Hanna tweeted Thursday evening that Oregon defensive line coach Jerry Azzinaro will join Chip Kelly in Philadelphia. Howard Eskin, a sports talk radio personality in Philadelphia, also tweeted the news, though the reports have not been confirmed by the Eagles or the Oregon athletic department. If it’s true, Azzinaro would be the first of Kelly’s coaches in Eugene to move to the NFL with him.

Jerry Azzinaro looks like The Lorax after years of divorce proceedings and alcoholism. Like, WAY after all the Truffula trees are gone and he was forced to coach high school defense just to cover the child support. That’s Jerry Azzinaro.

This whole process feels so strange and new — like banging a 17 year-old on a European vacation. Sure the sensation is good and exciting, but you feel a little bit guilty about enjoying the change as much as you do. Everything is going to be different from this point on. We don’t even know if Big Balls Chip Charlie Kelly is going to make training camp open to the public like its been for the past decade-plus. Wild changes everywhere. And while Jerry seems to have a lot of Jim Washburn in him, he’s not Jim Washburn. And that’s awesome.

More violence. Go Birds.