philly.comOfficer Philip Nace – the YouTube sensation who has developed an international reputation as the angriest cop in the City of Brotherly Love – is perhaps the first Philly lawman to get benched for what a police spokesman described simply as “idiotic behavior.” Lt. John Stanford said yesterday that Nace has been pulled off the street amid an expanding Internal Affairs probe sparked by viral videos out of North Philly’s 25th District, where the 46-year-old cop patrolled with an iron fist and a foul mouth. Nace was recently recorded knocking down a basketball hoop and telling the guys with the ball to “have a good day” as he drives away in a police van. “Jesus loves you,” Nace’s partner yells out the window. It apparently wasn’t the first time Nace toppled the $450 adjustable hoop, which is now broken. “He comes out here and harasses people all the time. . . . Nace is a bully,” said the 21-year-old who shot the video. He asked that his name not be printed because he’s afraid Nace would retaliate. He said Nace had previously banged his head against a truck. “We can assure the public that he is off the street. What you see in those two videos is certainly not what we teach,” Stanford said of Nace. “It takes away from all the good things we’ve been doing as a department. Our crime numbers are down, but all of that is overshadowed when you have someone conduct themselves like this.”

You remember Office Nace, the dickhead North Philly cop who hates freedom and The Constitution whose video I posted weeks before he became infamous? Well surprise — he also hates basketball and improperly-placed basketball hoops. His best way of dealing with an improperly-located basketball hoop? Gently move it to the side and give the kids a warning? Hah…this isn’t the suburbs. No, the correct answer is push the goal over so it takes up more room and leaves shattered glass on the sidewalk.

The idea that the Philadelphia Police could watch the first video and not think they should take that officer off his beat is insane. The guy already illegally stopped people based on race, sex, and age. Like it literally doesn’t get any more discriminatory than that. Even the fact that the Internal Affairs people said Nace was benched for “idiotic behavior” is wrong. It’s not “idiotic”, it’s illegal. A government agent coming to your neighborhood and harassing you, searching your pockets, and destroying your property is anti-Constitutional and the opposite of what America is about.

People aren’t blind to the fact that different neighborhoods require different police tactics. Folks understand North Philly isn’t The Hamptons, but until you can give respect you can’t get respect. And officers who are too stupid to be above petty thuggery aren’t smart enough to prevent crime and shouldn’t be on the street.