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Har har har Philly fans are mostly racists. We get it, Onion. You think we’re a town filled with bigots. Well I bet the truth is most of us don’t even use words like that–

philly.comMost of us use racial slurs. As of early this afternoon, with 7,200 votes tallied, more than 40 percent chose either “Too many times to count” (27.2 percent) or “They’re part of my everyday vocabulary” (13.4 percent). Apparently, the headline “Some of your best friends are racists” was quite right on a recent Inquirer commentary by Penn prof John L. Jackson Jr. He wrote that if individuals got “thrown off the island” for every racist or sexist remark, “eventually, there would be nobody left to banish.” it isn’t as if we have the luxury of throwing people “off the island” whenever they say something racist or sexist. There is no place to send them. And if there were, eventually, there would be nobody left to banish. “Never” got about 39 percent of the vote in the poll, while “I can count them on one hand” got 17.5 percent. Just 180 people voted for “Once,” the least popular choice, with 2.5 percent. Apparently, using racial slurs is akin to eating potato chips. It’s tough to stop at one.

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Oh. Well uh…welcome back, Riley.