THGA difficult sports loss turned violent last night outside the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, as multiple sources confirm a 35-year old man was stabbed in the neck following his team’s 28-24 loss to the San Francisco 49ers. According to WSB-TV, the victim got into a verbal altercation with two San Francisco supporters. Toward the end of it, someone in the latter group pulled out a knife. Said a witness of the incident: “One of the falcons Fans just kept talking, telling him, “You ain’t going to come here and win and nothing,’ and he hit the man, and that’s what happened. The man went into his pocket and cut him.” Police quickly surrounded the scene and used pepper spray to calm the combatants down. The weapon was then recovered and the victim transported to Grady Hospital. He is listed in stable condition, but the attacker remains at large.

BFSunday night, the Baltimore Ravens booked their first trip to the Super Bowl since the 2000 season, when they beat the New York Giants. Cities tend to celebrate sports successes like this, but if Twitter is to be believed, Baltimore residents did it in a bizarre way: they fired off guns.

THAT’S what I love about my city. Even though the Eagles are garbage and have no right making national headlines during this time of year, we still manage as Philly fans to dominate the national conversation. Our coach signing is the biggest coaching news in years. Our quarterback controversy just became one of the most interesting position battles in the league. And our fanbase is still holding down our reputation as the stereotypical scum-of-the-earth bottom-dwelling violent dirtbags you love to hate. Philadelphia remains headline news.

Doesn’t matter if our team goes 0-16, ESPN would still be up our asses every Sportscenter with one Philly update or another. And when they don’t, well…we’ll just throw on a Kaepernick and knife loudmouth Falcons fans about the head and neck. No biggie. It’s what we do.

Ratchet-ass Philly fans pretending to be Niners fans…classic: