Fox29A Philadelphia police officer’s fight for life ended with him opening fire on a robbery suspect, and it was all caught on tape. Even after getting shot several times, the suspect didn’t stay down. This incredible video captured earlier this month on a cell phone camera shows a suspect attacking an officer with his own baton. You can see in the video recorded at the corner of North 52nd and West Jefferson streets that a robbery suspect, later identified by police as Sydney Clayton, starts attacking a patrol officer next to stopped traffic. Clayton manages to grab the officer’s baton and starts beating him over the head with it repeatedly. The officer manages to break free from Clayton’s hold, but the suspect makes a quick run to the baton on the ground and appears to back away from the scene. Seconds later, the suspect begins to approach the officer again. But this time the officer pulls out his gun and opens fire. Many of the shots fired caused people nearby, including the man shooting the video, to take cover. Still, after being shot several times, the suspect continues to approach the officer until other officers come in to help. Clayton and the officer were both taken to the hospital for their injuries. Police say they believe the man was high on drugs at the time of the attack

Really? Police BELIEVE the man was high on drugs? I don’t think I’ve ever been more positive about drug use since the 1998 home run race. Seventy home runs, Mark? Unfazed after multiple gunshots, Sydney? Motherfucking DRUGS.

Even as someone who generally sides with the people, there’s no way anybody with a brain can rationalize what homey did here. Why wouldn’t he just run? You’re shot, now unless you wanna be shot AND arrested, just run to a safe location and think about Plan B. Broad daylight intersection isn’t the best place to start a one-man crusade against Philadelphia Police. MAYBE if this was against the PPA I’d have your back, but you can’t go beating cops with their own batons.

Gotta say I’m impressed with those background beats though, Fox29. Really adds to the suspense.