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There’s something you all should know: my boy Joe is gifted. Like we all know a few people who are good with Photoshop — that’s nothing new. Joey is different. Joey can do things on Photoshop in 30 seconds that would take me an entire night. And I suppose he should be able to, he went to school for it and has worked in the industry for a bunch of years and, you know, I’m awful.

Anyway, Joey spent a few minutes last night and came up with this tribute to Jackmerius Tacktheritrix, our favorite name from everyone’s favorite Key & Peele skit. Which got us thinking: what else can we do with Joey’s talent and boredom?

So I told him I would leave it up to the Stoolies. Joey will be our resident Photoshop genius (don’t worry I’ll still give you my own daily horrible ms paints/photoshops) and will be available to create the best of whatever your sick minds can think of.

So today marks the first Photoshop Friday, and any more from here will entirely depend on you guys. Email WHATEVER weird/sick/funny Photoshop ideas you have, we’ll decide/vote on the best ones, and get Joe to work his magic. Simple as that.

Send your ideas to

If you’re not familiar with the skit: