Philly.comAccording to the Sporting News’ Midseason Players Poll, Michael Vick is the most disappointing player in the NFL this season, and Jason Babin is among the dirtiest in the league. Sporting News polled 103 players from 27 NFL teams, and are rolling out the results throughout the week.

Here are some of the highlights as they pertain to the Philadelphia Eagles:

- Monday: Andy Reid voted the third-most overrated coach in the league.

- Tuesday: Vick voted most disappointing player in the league; Nnamdi Asomugha voted ninth.

- Wednesday: Reid and Mike Shanahan tied for 6th among least desired coaches.

- Thursday: Babin voted the sixth dirtiest player in the league.

Sincerely shocked. Not about Vick being disappointing because that’s obvious or Reid being overrated because that’s obvious-er, but about Jason Babin being one of the dirtiest guys in the league. How is it possible to be dirty and still not succeed at your job? It’s both impressive and depressing to know that Jason’s out there grabbing testes on the bottom of fumble piles and trying to roll guys’ ankles up yet can’t even get in the same zip as the QB. I guess Babin knows how all those other cyclists who cheated and still finished behind Lance Armstrong feel. What a waste.

And hasn’t Andy Reid always been knows as a ‘players coach’? Strange to see him now thrown under the bus league-wide and known as a coach you don’t want to play for. Big Red has always accepted blame and protected his guys from the media; sad in a way to see him going out like this. Suppose most players don’t want to answer questions about their coach’s job and or feel guilty for getting a guy canned.