- Authorities say a central Florida man was arrested after jokingly trying to buy drugs at a Burger King drive-thru. The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office reports that 32-year-old Shawn Porter and a friend placed an order for “blunt and some herbs” at a Deltona Burger King Thursday night. A cashier smelled marijuana coming from their car and jotted down the license plate of the car, and then a supervisor called 911. A deputy located Porter’s house by running the tag number and was waiting when Porter arrived home with a Burger King bag in his hand. The deputy reported finding 28 grams of marijuana in the car. Porter was charged with drug possession. He was being held on $1,000 bond. It’s not immediately known if he has an attorney.

So this article got me thinking about the type of person this cashier must really be inside. I’m not saying that I condone driving under the influence of drugs and wasting the valuable time of Burger King employees. I know their job already sucks. What I can’t understand is what lies inside a person that would prompt them to see this car full of stoned jokers and immediately think, “man, I better alert the authorities.” Who the fuck tattles like that?

I don’t care if a stranger came up to me asking where they can buy a baby and a blow torch, that’s none of the police’s business and it sure as shit is none of mine.  Hell Pres could be funding the Blackout Tour’s lighting equipment with Jewish mafia dollars  – I don’t know nothing about it and it doesn’t concern me.  Maybe it’s a racial thing that blacks don’t talk to police or an age thing that young people don’t talk to police, but I don’t see my opinion changing anytime soon. This is America. This is the land of the free. Mind your own goddamned business, people. If everyday Americans can’t break small laws that don’t hurt anyone else without fellow citizens diming them out then who are we as a society?

Listen, I’m not saying that people should turn a blind eye to all crime or anything violent ever. The police are here for a reason. But there is a time and a place for their services and it’s not when you’re just looking to stick it to strangers whose faces you don’t like. This cashier has the same mentality of a person who calls the cops during a party instead of just asking you to turn down the volume. Stay to yourself and handle your own business. Fucking nanny state snitches, man. I don’t get it.

The war isn’t left vs. right, liberal vs. conservative, or Democrat vs. Republican, it’s people who can mind their own fucking business vs. those who need to be all in other people’s shit. And that latter group SUCKS.