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My boy works at Ice Line in WC keeping score to make some extra cash and i decided to tag along one day and watch some hockey. Anyway, im goin through some papers and found these rules while he was keeping score.

Check this rule out:

“Any player that scores more than (3) goals in one game will receive a minor penalty for Unsportsmanlike Conduct for each goal scored above (3) per game.”

Getting a penalty for trying to score as many goals as you can?? Pussification at its finest if you ask me. I probably shouldn’t be surprised since these pussification stories are popping up all over the place, but I thought i would show you this one.

Viva la Stool,

This follows the flow of your average “Pussification” blog, but the more and more we see reports like this the more we should be worried as a society. Winning equals winning. Winning always has, does, and always will equal winning. Only a screwed-up backwards culture on the verge of collapse would make winning equal losing. EA’s discovery should put the fear in us all.

Being too good at something was never a punishable offense until feelings got in the way. And you know who changes rules based on “feelings”? Pussies. And pussies are in line to ruin everything that has made this country great. Greatness and winning can either be predetermined or achieved, just as failure and losing can be. If you’re born with a 12″ dick, a 200 IQ, & into a rich family — congratulations you’ve already won without trying. Doesn’t mean America should be able to chop off half your dick, steal your money, and force you to watch Catfish until you’re retarded. Just means you’re fortunate. Same thing goes for people born under crappier circumstances.

You wanna be jealous of the guy who can score a billion goals or hate him for his success, fine. It’s a free country and you’re free to hate who you want. But penalizing GREATNESS and WINNING to protect the feelings of ADULTS without the talent or drive to reach that level? That’s backwards like Kriss Kross with their clothes frontwards. You think the Chinese would ever allow people to be penalized for being too good at something? Hell no. There are kids there who lose out on life just for being porn without a penis.

It’s time for America to get a grip on things. If you punish greatness all that we’ll be left with are wealthy people who are fiscally above the rules and drooling Idiocracy-level morons. Which I guess is what we all want in the end.

PS – Only a 1 1/2 minute minor? Nothing more badass than scoring and getting thrown in the box over and over.