DMThai police have taken the term gun dog to a whole new level – with barking mad results. Not only has this Labrador been trained to serve with the Thailand police force, it has also been entrusted with its very own weapon. The animal was seen carrying the automatic in a holster strapped to its side. And to prove he had the right to carry arms, the dog’s holster was marked ‘Police K-9′. Since the photographs emerged online, many people have raised concerns about the safety of the bizarre scene.

If I had to name two things that America loves more than anything, dogs and guns would be right up near the top of the list. Maybe they’re sandwiched between Ranch dressing and Tim Tebow gossip, but America is practically the official home country of gun and dog lovers. Honestly, if a silouette of a man holding a pistol with a retriever at his side is ever sewn onto a flag, we can all pretty much kiss the stars and stripes goodbye.

Which is why it’s all the more disgusting to see Thailand beat us to the dogs-carrying-guns punch. No good excuse as to why that isn’t an American pooch packing heat. Here we are wasting our K-9 talents on ushering blindos and alternative Super Bowl programming when they really should be out in the field taking heavy automatic fire from drug cartels and pawing off a few rounds into the hearts of bad guys. Sniffing for drugs? Get it together, America.

PS – Can’t wait for the first story out of Thailand where a criminal robs a bank then gets a free extra gun after pulling a handful of table scraps out of his pocket. “Good boy.”