Gets good around 1:16. As many of you know, Rampage has a long storied history of ramming his dick into reporters. This dude is like the Rosa Parks of televised molestation. Not satisfied with simply creeping up doggystyle on Japanese ladies or super-awkward deep stares into the eyes of frightened white girls, he wants nipples between his lips all over TV. Just a honorable crusader for creepers everywhere. Standing up for the rights of every guy in the office who ever held his hand on the lower back of a co-worker a bit too long. For the rights of every man who has ever ‘accidently’ brushed up against a titty. Rampage’s actions should not be taken as coming from some random pervert who gets punched for a living, but from the worldwide leader of the horny man civil rights movement. I tip my cap at your hard work, sir. Keep up the fight.