Brought this up on the Barstool Philly Facebook but I’m sure the Stoolie commenters can do even better. Here’s some background: my new fantasy baseball league is requiring everyone’s team name be some combination of a movie title and a rappers name.  Now normally I wouldn’t even bring it up, but this theme is so good its literally been keeping me up at night — making me blind myself in the dark with my cell phone trying to text good ones to myself.  Some examples in the league right now:

“Mos Definitely, Maybe”
“The Girl With The Drag-On Tattoo”
“Throw Momma From The T-Pain”
“Don’t Tell Mims The Babysitter’s Dead”
“Texas Trey Songz Massacre”
“Waka Flocka and the Chocolate Factory”
And I’m currently I’m deciding between “Drakes on a Plane”, “Black Thought Down”, and “Coolio Brother Where Art Thou?”

Facebook came with some winners, too: “Weezy Rider”, “The Karate Kid Cudi”, “Too Short Circuit”, “Old Dirty Inglorious Basterds”, “Xzibit Through the Gift Shop”, etc. But I think we can still do better. The choices are near infinite. You guys think you’re funny, right? Time to prove it.

What you got?

And if you’re tweeting, use the hashtag #rappersinmovietitles.  Maybe we can get it trending.