This is what it has come to, huh? Me posting Joe Conklin parody videos because anything that could possibly be seen as positive from this football season has died. Apparently even my sense of good taste.

Andy Reid needs to take a leave of absence then resign at the end of the season. Or Jeff Lurie needs to force him into that situation or threaten his job as of today. It’s really that simple. Can’t fire the longest tenured coach in the NFL midseason, no, but you can definitely put his ass on the shelf until he officially leaves the team in December.

Its been real, Red, but it’s time to go. Pretty sure murders are gonna happen if this fanbase has to watch one more ill-timed shovel pass.

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PS – Can only do one rating bar per blog so leave your views on whether or not you’d insert your penis into this chick in the comments below. Much like you would have done anyway without this ‘PS’.