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Hi Barstool,

So Thursday before our Easter break I decided to have an Easter themed party at Saint Joseph’s University – Beerster Egg Hunt 2013. The game was fun and strategic, yet simple. It was a pastel/patterned themed party (for easter eggs) in which I took nattys, individual bottled shots, ices, 40s, and whatever other beer I had laying around, and hid them in my backyard. I put out various obstacles such as my pong table, chairs, and carboard cutouts of the most interesting man in the world, smokey the bear, and the miller high life man to hide the drinks around. I then assigned each drink a different point value and split up my friends into 3 teams of 6. Each team was allowed to send out one member to find a drink and bring it back. Teams can only drink when all members are present, so no team may hunt and drink, its one or the other. This combined with the point values makes it a little strategic. At the end of the 15 minutes, whoever had the most points wins. After the first round, we eliminated the team that came in last and had a championship round where I hid more drinks. This round was only 10 minutes, but teams could send out 2 members to bring back one drink each. The only other rule in tact was the ice rule. If you found an ice, the person who found it must run it back and chug it on one knee back in the house. Because this game was only 25 minutes + hiding time, etc., I naturally had a keg for people who werent participating and before/after the game. It was an idea that worked awesome and got everyone pretty drunk. I figured you guys would be interested in this for a college drinking idea for kids who may be stuck at school over Easter. I know my sister is gonna try it at William and Mary. Thanks for your time and The Hawk Will Never Die!


First of all — never write me an email this long ever again.

But yeah…like the idea. Pretty sure it’s not original at all but I like it. Sadly though I think I’d be too competitive for this. They (nobody) don’t call me the Beige Mamba because I’m happy to let other people win. It’s ALL about winning. ┬áThe fire in my belly would turn this fun drinking game into a battlefield of booze and violence.

Obviously the smart play here is to go for the 40s. It’s simple math: normal beers are 12oz, a 40 is 3 1/3 beers, yet the 40s in the game count for six times that of a natty. And unless the yard is littered with a bunch of the mystery beers you’ve gotta run out and chug all the 40s you can. Strategy 101. Find me a team of guys willing to Ice themselves and we’re taking the crown.

What do you think about this SJU Beerster Egg Hunt?
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