Many of you Patriots fans probably didn’t see this last night if you turned off the ceremony immediately following the game like Pres did, but in doing so you missed one of the most amazing and praiseworthy events of badassery in clothing history. Ravens owner, Steve Bisciotti of South Philadelphia origins, debuted the AFC Championship duster jacket on national television for all of America to enjoy.

Sure everybody’s going to want to disect the feminine gentle stroke of Ray Ray’s arm by Mr. Bisciotti, but any man MAN enough to slick his hair back and rock the duster + jeans look is man enough to show his delicate side. Nothing gay about it. In fact, Steve was so masculine in that jacket that if he didn’t quickly counter-act that masculinity with a little queer love rub he was at risk of changing every gay man watching last night’s trophy presentation straighter than uncooked spaghetti.

Thank you, Steve. Thank you for everything.  But mostly that coat.