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Check my boy dunf out straight gettin it with eagles o-line men at McFaddens on 3rd st. Can’t even see his head in those melons. And im pretty sure you can see his jaw Expanded, is his mouth open. Thoughts??


Wait…I thought Jason Peters was injured?

Still don’t understand what’s going on here — is that dancing? Motorboat? There’s no way your boy survived the aggressive snu-snu this broad gave him after they left the bar. No way. Penis snapped, pelvis crushed, and his psyche had to be shattered into a million pieces of “who am I really?” and “I should have used protection.” But all that means is that he totally got laid that night. Which is…good?

Check out this broad’s cold, calculating expression. She knows where this is going and exactly how she’s gonna get there. You boy may be in control now, but old girl was definitely running the show once they hit the sheets.

Get it, Stripes!