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I was at Dave this weekend in AC and saw this guy.

Viva La Stool

Just look at this conceited, self-conscious asshole. I can’t believe my eyes. I mean I’ve seen people with nose jobs, boob jobs, tummy tucks, botox, and even calf implants, but never in my life would I dream of seeing a man with an asscrack extension. That shit is just unbelievably shallow. I mean I’m sure his original crack wasn’t anything to write home about, but I just don’t get actually spending the dough to have a plastic surgeon extend it north about 12 inches. Yes, women like a man with a lengthy asscrack. But do you truly believe that one true special someone would care that you didn’t have a big one, buddy? Of course she wouldn’t. But what did you do? You went ahead and got the procedure anyway. The whole thing reeks of desperation. Just goes to show where we are as a society when a man can’t be content with the butt crack God gave him and needs the help of a doctor to make himself feel whole. My verdict? Not laid.

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