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So I brought this up to my friends thinking it was in everyone’s normal routine, only to have them see me as a disguisting animal

Anyways, it pertains to taking a shit rite before you shower. I for one, dont even bother wiping as long as im about to jump in the shower. It’s a waste of time and toilet paper. I just jump into the shower and aim that water rite at my rusty balloon.

My friends were outraged. They kept insisting that I would have poo water dripping down my entire leg. So we need your help. Is not wiping after a shit rite before a shower normal?

-Greg F.

NO. Dear God no. So not normal that I can’t believe you had to guts to not only tell your friends but to email me and thus tell thousands of other people. You’re not wiping before you hop in the shower? What are you trying to save?

How much time and money could you have possibly saved in your lifetime with your bypass-wipe straight-to-shower technique? Hope it was worth the hours of poopwater that has flowed down your legs in your lifetime. Your friends are right — doo doo water runs down your leg every time you do this whether you can obviously see it or not. What do you think happens — it magically disappears from your asshole and into the drain? C’mon, scro.

This whole no-wipe operation seems to lack any sort of motive and can only end with you standing around in feces. Which even if it’s yours and only for a few seconds is unnecessary and nasty and should lead to nicknames like Poopy Ass or Gross Tub Greg or something. AND I bet you’re in that shower without a washcloth, too.

You’re filthy. Not wiping is unacceptable.

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