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Justin Bieber casually getting his mogul on. Just holding up mid-day traffic and getting random middle-aged dudes to co-sign his power moves. Respect to J. Gully too for staying so zen woosah in the face of the most useless Mexican parasite available. Condescending, feigning concern, fuck out of here, Oswaldo.

Kid probably just thinks about the National Treasure room he has back at his house filled with the purest jewels, the finest fabrics, the most potent spices, the rarest most momentous artifacts and can brush little Mexican flies off like that, no problem. Probably has a harem of the sluttiest, most subservient other-worldly beauties that can also afford the steep rent he charges them to live there and fuck them. Nothing but Respect to the kid.


Kid’s such a damned G I’m just gonna start calling him Gustin Bieber. I’ll still pronounce it the same, yeah. But this little Canadian boss in the Lambo is Gustin Beiber from this point forward.

Lady screaming at him like he gives a shit that he’s holding up traffic. Lady, Gustin has seen tween bitches’ heads literally explode from excitement. Watched thousands of people get trampled to death just to catch a glimpse of his whip. If holding up a little traffic to shame some paparazzo lame is what Biebs wants to do then holding up a little traffic to shame some paparazzo lame is what Biebs is gonna do. You’re only going to be late picking your daughter up from her weekend with daddy. Gustin’s got a house full of diamond-encrusted Chinese red pandas that his butler forgot to feed. Get off his groin.