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Yo Mo,

Living over in London for a year working. Me and my boy went big with the Large Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Meat Machine (Pepperoni, ham, steak, spicy minced beef, spicy pork sausage, chicken…and the hot dog stuffed crust). Brits don’t get many things right, but this is one of them. Perfect for drunk nights.


What else can I say? Looks like the Brits just tied things up. England 1 USA 1 (Revolutionary War). Yes, of course this is that huge of a loss.

And check out the mustard drizzle doin work. That shit was not a lie. Three animals, seven different types of meat, one work of culinary genius. Don’t know what’s wrong with Pizza Hut America but the CEO needs to grow a pair and bring the hot dog stuffed crust pizza home before the natives get restless. Once the midwest sees this image and realizes they can’t buy one the slow stampede of land whales on Jazzy scooters heading to the ‘Huts home offices will be epic. Make it happen.