Reader Email

This video just captures everything about the game. Snow during its hardest fall in the beginning, rocky music in the background, my uncle talking about how cold the nfc championship against the falcons was in ’04, about to tell his frozen sausage and pepper sandwich story for the 50th time. This video just captured the whole day perfectly. We deserved this game, we deserved this win, and after growing up feeling like disappointment was inevitable we deserve to forget reason and believe in this team.

Yeah I know we’ve done a lot of Snowbowl coverage but I just wanna sneak this last one in before we turn the page and prepare to get trap game’d by the Vikings on Sunday. These are the kinds of reader emails I love. Told a great quick story, attached video/picture/link, and got the fuck out. This email sums up the moment perfectly. A+ email.

PS – I already hate that sausage and peppers story.