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big dick nick

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The Fold

First of all — that’s not normal?

Second of all I only blogged this because of the nickname/t-shirt possibilities. Who knows if this is true or not, but since we have no way of disproving it I’ll continue to believe that not only does Nick Foles have a big dick, but apparently “the biggest dick you’ve ever seen”. EVER SEEN. People watch porn. We’ve seen some dicks.

So which shirt do we premiere first, “Nick Folds” or “Big Dick Nick”?

PS – The image of some high school kid watching the star quarterback fold up his giant penis to fit it into his cup? Hilarious. And disturbing.

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played football with nick at arizona. absolutely the truest statement that has ever been said on barstool. that shit was hanging down by his kneecaps (not literally but you get my point)

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Yo Stool,
I have friends that went to U of A when Nick Foles was there. Supposedly his nickname on the football team was “Footlong Foles” cuz he had a huge dick.