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How hardo is this guy wearing a customized Reid must go eagles jersey


Where did all this effort come from, guys? Here I thought we’d all just boo politely and complain about the Sixers yet instead at some point everybody got motivated to create their own homemade Fire Andy Reid merchandise. Jeff Lurie has to be pissed he didn’t officially trademark the phrase “Fire Andy” earlier this year. If he dropped one shirt and maybe an official Fire Andy jersey Jeff probably would’ve doubled his billions by now.

Wonder what ‘Reid Must Go’ guy is gonna do with that jersey once Andy is gone. Does he just take it back to his jersey guy and get the McNabb plate slapped back on the back? Change it to “Reid Is Gone”? Find a new person to scapegoat after the team continues to stink in the post-Reid era? My man’s got some decisions to make.

Personally believe that way too much effort is being spent shitting on Andy Reid, but if you must then I guess a “REID MUST GO” jersey is the way to go.

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