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Mo- This guy was straight crushing cardio today, but I think someone should tell him Planet Fitness doesn’t have a pool. Keep up the good work!


And you guys say black people can’t swim. We’re EXCELLENT treadmill swimmers.

Just did a quick Google search and found some conflicting stuff about the snorkel cardio method that I had no idea existed 10 minutes ago. Apparently it can increase the amount of oxygen your body can hold by a process called hypoxia. Some MMA guys have been doing it to get ready for fights. On the other hand, it forces you to breathe through your mouth which is the opposite thing you should do in terms of a health perspective. So apparently there is some actual method to this madness.

But there is one overriding scientific fact that’s impossible to overlook concerning the snorkel cardio method: looking like a fucking idiot. And this guy looks fucking idiotic and is now on a website for it. He COULD have just run an extra mile or bumped that speed up a bit to compensate, but apparently holmes thinks wearing swimming equipment in the gym is easier.

Do you, Snorkel.