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My God, what has this world come to? My mom sent me this picture and I nearly gagged myself. Apparently this is what goes on during the early bird special at The Springfield Inn in Sea Isle City. Frankly this just scares the shit outta me. Imagine sitting there enjoying a nice meal with you’re family and then ‘BOOM’ you get a face full of whatever the fuck is going on in this picture? What the hell is this guy doing? Fingering her butthole? Picking for dingle berries? If you would know Mo can you please let me know. I don’t even think Carter and Richie would go this low in public down in Sea Isle. I just really hope that that man’s wallet is down in the land down under because if it’s anything else that’s just unsat.


Oh without question there’s some butthole fingering going on here. Absolutely no question. You see the protruding middle knuckle on Cell Holster Sam here? Clear indication of a lost middle digit. And I mean LOST. Like there’s a whole mystery island complete with polar bears and magic going on in those shorts.  Only about a 50/50 chance he gets that finger back.  But he obviously wouldn’t have it any other way.  What you know about digging knuckle-deep into your obese wife’s asshole midday at a shore bar? You ain’t bout that life!

For some reason I imagine Ron Jaworski big dog-ing his way around Florida pulling this kind of shit all the time.  “Just look casual and nobody’s even gonna notice.”