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Yo mo,
This is a a dude and a sea monster who were naked in an elevator for hours. Its at U Albany and they thought it was a great idea to get naked in the parking lot and then hang out in the elevator and fuck. I am all for that except for the fact that he fucked the cracken. At like 5 am they found them and he was sitting naked and that thing was rubbing his head. Meth is a hell of a a drug.

- Meeth

Meeth: love the video, hate both of these people. Public sex is something that is meant to be done spontaneously and passionately, but most of all quickly and privately. It’s Rule Number 1 of public sex club: Respect the fact that what you’re doing is disgusting and leave the scene of the crime as soon as male orgasm has been reached. Everybody knows this. Yet milky thighs Captain Ahab just lies here casually in the elevator after harpooning the great white whale like everything is A-OK. This isn’t the old futon in your mom’s basement, homeboy. Get your ass up, put a shirt over as many of that thing’s rolls as you can, and go do something productive with yourself. We live in a society.