Real Or PR, a game we’ve played here a few times where we look at a celebrity’s Twitter account and try to figure out which tweets are from the celebrity themselves, and which are actually from a public relations agency. Today’s contestant: DeSean DJacc Jaccpot Jackson.

I know I’ve been hard to DJacc over the past couple of days, but that’s only because hes put himself out there so much lately to push Nike or whatever reason there is for him doing a press tour in the middle of a hurricane. Dude was on Mike & Mike, NFL AM, and has been tweeting more than normal for the whole week. Looks like Nike’s got some press-related stipulations in that contract, eh?

Anyway — which one do you think is the PR tweet? Is it the “Neva seen nothin like it b4 .. Miss’n my Cali weather shit Cray”? How about the “Young an gettin it !!” Instagram featuring Meek Mill giving the middle finger? Maybe it’s the “Nike+ Kinect Training keeps me working. The trainers might be virtual, but the sweat isn’t. #mymoment #teamnike” So hard to tell — they all seem so similar.

Your guess is as good as mine.

Thanks Joe