Real or PR, the game I just invented where we try to pick which athlete tweets are from the athlete themselves and which were actually the work of that athlete’s Public Relations team. Today’s Twitter feed: Shady McCoy.

Which ones are real and which are PR (I mixed them up to try to fool you!):

Wow, okay this one is a real head-scratcher so I’ll give you a hint: only one of these tweets is from his PR team. It’s just amazing how closely these handlers and PR agencies are able to match the personality and subtle tone of each of their clients. The whole thing is just freakishly seamless and leads me to believe that the pairing of these pros and their Twittter advertisers is like the meeting of two genius forces: one physical and one mental. Shady is a world-class athlete and one of the best at his position, and frankly his marketing people must be just as dominant.

If you think you can guess which one is the fake be my guest. Shit took me all night.