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Kong Fu Panda, Pablo Sandoval recent tweets about judging miss universe contest. Are those his tweets? or is it the ones in spanish? Impossible to tell.

Viva la stool,


Ya’ll know Real Or PR by now. It’s the game with no answer where the winner is all of us. We pick a few tweets from your favorite athlete/celeb and try to figure out which are from the person themselves and which are actually the work of a Public Relations person. Today’s contestant: PABLO SANDOVAL!

Kung Fu Panda hits us with perhaps the most challenging Real Or PR to date, as he has muchos tweets en Español making the game that mas dificil.

Quién sabe, ¿verdad? The whole feed is so seamless it’s — as Andrew said — impossible to tell. How these PR people are able to give every one of his tweets the same tone has me baffled. Geniuses, all.

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