TMZHe’s suspended from the NFL … his marriage is crumbling … but former New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton is bumpin’ and grindin’ away his pain in the Bahamas with a hot blonde — and TMZ has the footage. The disgraced Super Bowl champ was hanging out at the nightclub at the Atlantis Resort last Friday … hittin’ the dance floor HARD. After spending some time gettin’ funky with himself, Payton posted up behind a hot blonde lady … before the two disappeared into the crowd. Payton recently filed for divorce from his wife of 20 years, citing “discord or conflict of personalities.”

There really is no better way to cope. If you’re gonna have to live through what would’ve been your 20th wedding anniversary, you might as well make a spectacle out of it. Go to the Bahamas, hit the clubs, and fliff away dollars like a goddamned sultan. Or a recently-disgraced NFL head coach with a year off and expendable cash. Hopefully this divorce doesn’t cut into his “watching Thursday Night Football in the Caribbean with twin Latinas” fund.

What I wouldn’t give for a video of a trashed Andy Reid doing the same thing.  I swear I’d die a happy man.