Okay so I’ve been getting email after email and tweet after tweet about this Petition someone created asking for Jeff Lurie to reinstate “kelly green” as the official base team color of the Philadelphia Eagles. Everyone is sucking this petition’s dick saying how much they loved the old kelly green uniforms and how they love that it doesn’t ask for throwbacks but still leaves room for more modern looks. And as far as all of I’m concerned that’s all well and good — but I still ain’t signing it.

Everybody loves the kelly green unis in hindsight and the fact that the Birds looked great donning those throwbacks in the 2010 Kevin Kolb knockout / Michael Vick breakout game. I get it. But here’s my main thing: what are we holding onto?

It’s not like the kelly green Eagles were winning titles and whoopin ass all through the 20th century. Yeah my kelly green Eagles Starter pullover was fly as hell and got me ALL the elementary school Valentine’s Day cards, but it still doesn’t mean I have some distorted memory of the past. If the Birds had won a Super Bowl or two maybe I could see signing something aggressively begging the owner of the team to go back to the color of the “good old days,” but the Eagles don’t have any “good old days”. Our best good old days was 2004. TRUE STORY.

Plus, I’m not ready to shackle and stifle the creatives at Nike and their acid-tripping color geniuses. ESPECIALLY not since Chip Kelly is here to bring his Oregon uniform madness to Philly. I say let them dudes do what them dudes do. I’d like it to be a lighter shade of green if possible, but if they cooked up something with the same colors that ended up being the best design they got, I say let’s rock.

The kelly green uniforms look great and I think the team needs a change just like all you do. But a petition? Nah. Ain’t signing it.