The day is here. As we explained a couple weeks back, we are giving away 20 free Barstool Philly t-shirts here as a way to raise awareness for a very important cause: our Twitter accounts.

Every weekday from now until February 1st, I’ll be posting a question on Twitter and the first to answer will be shipped a brand spanking fresh INDIVIDUALLY NUMBERED Barstool Philly shirt. That’s right, each one is numbered 20 through 1, and each day the questions posed will have something to do with the number shirt we are giving away. Today is #20, for example.

You should also know that these are high-quality super soft American Apparel shirts. No cheap stuff. You can see the shirt in action above so obviously you want one.

All you gotta do is follow both the @PhillyBarstool and @tallmaurice accounts, be the first to answer the question correctly, and the shirt is yours.

Hit the follow buttons below if you’re not already following us and good luck to everyone.