As I mentioned yesterday, this March Barstool Philly is having our own tournament of sorts, having 6 teams of 5 girls each compete against each other to find out which city school has the best Smokes. We’ve taken girls from St. Joes, Nova, Drexel, LaSalle, Temple, and one “Mid Major” team of smaller area schools and are having them go at it all month long to determine who can win the grand prize: a free party at McFadden’s for their school.

Which is exactly where you fit in. If you go to one of these schools and would like to have McFadden’s throw you a free party, you should probably get the vote count up on your school’s team. Also, you have a chance to win free BARSTOOL F*CKIN FOAM tickets at McFadden’s on Saturday, March 31st when we announce the winners.

So take a second to vote HERE for which school you think has the best Smokes, and be sure to join us at McFadden’s on the 31st to see which team wins and which Stoolies walk out with free FOAM tickets.