Philly.comAn Andy Reid-Kevin Kolb reunion? Just over 24 hours after he was fired by the Philadelphia Eagles – a team he coached for 14 seasons – Reid is reportedly close to landing his next job. Tim Ring, sports director at KTVK-TV in Arizona, is reporting that the Cardinals are “very close” to hiring Reid as their new head coach. Adam Schefter of ESPN is also reporting that Reid and the Cardinals are close to a deal, and that he could be named their new head coach “by end of the week.” The Cardinals’ interest in Reid has been previously reported, but it now seems as though things are more serious. The Cardinals could not make a hire until they comply with the Rooney Rule, and interview a minority candidate. They are reportedly interviewing their own defensive coordinator, Ray Horton, a minority, today.

Warm up the bright red sideline onesie and Kevin Kolb reunion chatter, Big Red is going to the red birds. What a weird world. If Kevin Kolb becomes next year’s Alex Smith and wins big with Larry Fitz Eagles fans’ll kill themselves. Although it’s pretty certain Kevin Kolb still sucks, the Cardinals will go 8-8, and Andy will simply tell Arizona he has to do a better job before cashing heavy checks with lots of zeros and a cactus in the background or some desert cow skull shit.

Welcome to 2013.