FoxFOX 29′s Howard Eskin reports that he knows, based on the sources he has spoken with, it could be former Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden. Here is what NFL sources have told Eskin: Gruden, a one-time Eagles offensive coordinator, is ready to come back and coach. “That’s a big key,” Eskin reported. “He enjoys working Monday Night Football in the ESPN Monday Night booth, but he is a coach and has the itch. I’m told he wants to go to a team that can win and the key has a quarterback.” So, Eskin said that puts two teams in the mix, the San Diego Chargers, where Gruden is tight with general manager A.J. Smith, and they have a good quarterback with Phillip Rivers. “And the Eagles are also a good fit for the Gruden requirements,” Eskin said. “He loves Philadelphia, thinks the Eagles will be a good team next year, and the key here: He likes the backup quarterback, Nick Foles, who he has already worked out while working for ESPN.

Is this really what everybody wants? Jon Gruden?

Didn’t seem like last night Gruden was so high on becoming the Eagles’ coach, Eskin. Waxface Chucky repeatedly used phrases like “Nick Foles has to better” and “critical mistakes”, not exactly the glowing, optimistic review you’d expect from a guy considering taking over their main operations.

Look, Jon Gruden is a fine coach who knows his stuff — but do we really want another NFL re-tread with blemishes on his resume for us to eventually grow to hate? Seems to me that the best move would be to hire a rising Assistant who has never been a head coach yet. That way there are no lofty expectations (Dream Team, Dynasty, etc) ruining our team before they even start, nor will there be any apprehension with firing this person in two years if things don’t start to change. With Gruden that separation would be much bigger news and a tremendous distraction. The Eagles don’t need distractions. They need to learn how to block and tackle.

The Birds want an “offensive minded” coach, fine. There are some good offenses out there with qualified offensive coordinators. Greg Roman from San Fran? Jay Gruden from Cincinattti? Chip Kelly from Oregon will be out there if you’re looking to lose AND be controversial.

Lot’s of options, Jeff. Just make sure you let the interviews decide who your next coach is and not the fans.